TESI is the achievement of the rational integration between highly specialized complementary skills: industrialization of airworthy assemblies, integrated management of machinings, thermal and surface treatments, tests and certifications, assembling of single parts and subassemblies.


Planning of production methods and processing cycles for parts and aerospace axes
Production of equipment, moulds and metal sheet parts
Production of machined parts
• 3, 4 and 5 milling axes (up to 8,000 x 2,550 x 800 mm)
• 2,5 milling axes (up to 0,760 x 1500 mm)
Sheet stamping
Special processes
Surface processes and thermal treatments for light alloys
Testing of produced parts
Assembling of aeronautic subassemblies

A variety of competences and skills in the sectors of design and production allow Tesi to be able to follow all the production stages of aeronautic and space parts and assemblies.


The company is organized for vertical management of orders: from the conceptual phase to the production of the finished part, including the purchase of materials, assembly and testing of the whole.

In each phase, Tesi stands out for its high quality, punctuality in deliveries and costs in line with requests; the company also has excellent investment capacity in infrastructure and human resources.

the advantages

Who chooses Tesi can rely on one company, taking advantage of the easiness and transparency of dealing with one interlocutor, on one side, as regards the commercial aspects, and on the other side, with experts for the technical aspects of the design, production, testing and certifications, who are responsible for the delivery terms and the quality of products too.

To rely on Tesi means to avail oneself of eterogenous and multidisciplinary competences, aimed at producing the “best product”, in terms of quality and of economic convenience, without any method, technology, production and financing capacity constraint.

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