When the family becomes hotbed of encouragement for cultivating one’s own interests, when to pursue and live your passion becomes a natural consequence of your childhood dream of flying and then the reason and goal of your life.

As it has already happened to the Wright brothers, pioneers of aviation, “all that we have done during our life has been the result of our conversations, of our mutual suggestions and of the discussions with each other”.

Punzo family has been working for 41 years in the sector of technologies and of innovative services for aeronautics.


a heritage of values

Our greatest inheritance: the teachings we have received, which have made us become what we are, each one of us endowed with a set of values always to defend and protect, as well as to share.

Integrity, trust and respect are all qualities testified by the honesty of our intentions and actions, they are lights showing a way for us to leave the new generations a world better than the one we have found.

We as researchers, engineers and pioneers thank those who have traced this path before us.


We are always with our heads “in the clouds”: we keep our feet rooted to the ground, on an earth that we respect and would like it were always rich, prosperous and really beautiful.
Innovation is not only to create new things, but also to experiment new greener and greener systems and technologies, having the least impact on the environment, which allows us to protect the territory and create new life.

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